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MESA, Ariz. June 28, 2013 – Even though RES California wrapped up last week, the business it created will continue to live on well into the future.  Here are some of the great things that happened at this Reservation Economic Summit (RES).
Sold out attendance!  Sold out trade show!  Sold out artisan booths!a
Attendance at this summit was incredible.  Our Regional RES’ are meant to create an atmosphere of networking and connection: there’s places to meet new people, time to talk new business, and topics to open up new ideas.  All our RES events take your networking seriously.  Lou Adler recently posted that sending out resumes and advertising is the least effective way of moving forward. What’s the most effective?  Networking!  Every RES event we put together is full of people who are decision makers, who live and breathe Native American enterprise, and who are at RES to make you more successful.  

Stunning golf tournament.  Journey at Pechanga is one of the most beautiful courses you’ll ever experience.  GEObet, the online gaming organization (, was proud to sponsor this NCAIED Golf Tournament.  And while it’s true that RES is a great place to network and learn, it can also be a great place to network and take in a few hours of golf and sunshine to stay fresh for work.   Golfers had a great course, a great hand-delivered lunch, and an award ceremony following.   

What do you do when your work environment heats up?  Staying focused in the midst of turmoil was the message of leadership from fire chief Richard Picciotto, who is the highest ranking firefighter to survive the collapse of the World Trade Tower on 9/11.  Leading your employees and organization to the next level of success, while maintaining your cool, is part of chief Picciotto’s message to those in attendance at RES California.  It was a unique message that will become a touch stone for all those who heard the presentation. 

Take your business and leadership to the next level with Dr. Robert Watts.  Running a business is not just product, services, and execution.  These are obviously important elements, but often what holds organizations back is the lack of people skills and organizational development.  At the end of the day it’s not just enough to start a business, you have to run it well also.  Dr. Watts led an extended seminar intended to help owners and managers of all businesses get to the next level by investing in their people.  For more go     

Tech giant Apple profiles Native-owned company, Thornton Media in it’s 2013 Developer’s Video at annual conference.  This was announced during RES California, even though it was the fruit of a contact made at National RES in Las Vegas this past March.  “It is truly an honor to be chosen by Apple from among 6 million developers worldwide to be featured in the 2013 Developer’s Video at WWDC” said Don Thornton,CEO/President and co-owner of Thornton Media, the leader in the creation of language revitalization tools for endangered languages.  Their work with saving Native languages was featured in Apple’s Official 2013 Developer’s Video, a 10-minute video titled “Making a difference. One app at a time”.

Native American Coffee launches to incredible reception!  It might be too soon to say that Native American Coffee is ready to over-throw Starbucks’ global dominance, but we do know that at least in one instance so far the new Native coffee enterprise has dislocated the global coffee retailer.  RES California was the unveiling of Native American Coffee, which is a new line of specialty roasted coffee and a new line of coffee house franchises.  Jayson Braveheart, who is the CEO, reported several important connections at RES California, and one new construction project in particular is now replacing their proposed Starbucks location with a Native American Coffee franchise!

Millions of dollars.  This is the gross amount of deals put together by Peter Schwartz at RES California.  Schwartz, a Procurement/Contract Consultant for the MBDA, specialized in connecting Native enterprises with federal opportunities.  While at RES he connected with several groups who put together some big business.  Some of the projects include:

  •        $230 million oil refinery project with a tribe in the Northwest.
  •        $90 million casino project in the Southwest.
  •        Working with Chukchansi on getting one of their divisions 8a certified.
Peter notes that coming to RES is an essential part of doing business for him, adding, “I can say that RES is a very strong networking tool that helps agencies as ours to provide economic development and job creation with tribes within the United States.”
Deep thoughts from Gyasi Ross. “Surviving Opportunity” was the title the presentation he delivered on the last day of the breakout sessions and reiterated at the closing session.  Ross’ main point is that tribes have evolved past the point where they must, as a matter of survival, accept any business opportunity that generates revenue.  But tribes are now in a position where they must discern and be cautious of economic development opportunities that are, or appear to be, in contradiction to tribal values.  If they are not careful it is likely that these short-term opportunities will turn into long-term liabilities on way or another.  For more follow Gyasi Ross on Twitter at @BigIndianGyasi

The debut of The National Center’s Teaming Alliance and Business Expo was an attractive and informative seminar.  This Expo was attractive for two reasons: couches and expertise.  As part of the main tradeshow area the Expo was a comfortable mix of couches, club chairs, and standing tables so that listening, talking, and taking notes was ease to do.  Creating this environment was important with the powerful line-up of presenters to learn from, including Paul Smith (SBA), Robin Billups (WBENC), John Grant (Perkins Coie, LLP), and expert staff of The National Center’s Teaming Alliance (NCTA), and The National Center’s Global Trade Center (NAGTC).
In addition to the overall success of the Expo, Margaret Cook of the NCTA reported some individual successes, including this:

“We attracted a particular vendor and spent a significant amount of time on the phone with him explaining the agenda and conference activities.  Just prior to leaving the conference he caught up with me and told me that he got 3 contracts from our Expo.  The week prior he had attended a different conference with no results.   At RES California he was a happy vendor.”
RES California had all this and much, much more!  We’ll keep you posted on the continuing developments of The National Center’s Reservation Economic Summits, (RES).  For now you can start making plans to attend RES Arizona, October 22-24, 2013 at Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino in Chandler, AZ.  Visit or call 480-548-1298 for more information.