Letters of Success from National RES Las Vegas 2014:

Hi George,
A large Aerospace Prime Contractor stopped by our booth several times, and then followed up with a bid opportunity for a new machining project.  On Monday of this week, staff of the large Aerospace Prime Contractor notified us that we had won the bid and we are now beginning the manufacturing of prototypes for a new product.

Our new business, Bear Clan Products, got off to an excellent start at the RES expo with lots of interest and expo attendees stopping by for samples of the wild berry jams and jellies.  Also, several other Native American food businesses whom we met at the RES expo are willing to allow us to include their items in our food brochures, web site, and at future expos.  The RES-2014 was a great kick-off for introducing our new Native American products company.  We have received several orders for products from the RES expo and we will be expanding both product line and marketing efforts during future months.
Thanks George, for all your help.
Andy Wells Sr., of Wells Technology, Inc.

Hi Kathleen,

I am so glad that you have contacted me. As well as providing some feedback, I would to express my experience at the RES. To begin with I wanted to share with you, the spiritual experience that that my brother and I had during the opening ceremony. We had been listening quite intently during the ceremony, receiving the understanding of how spiritual and motivated our people are, while also being encouraged to move forward in life.  As the ceremony moved off stage down the aisle to the ribbon cutting ceremony, not a word was spoken between my brother and I. When they passed I looked at my brother and saw the emotion running through his eyes. I said “how do you feel?” he said “overwhelmed”- he was feeling those same feelings! Our eyes welled up with tears and our hearts lifted with joy, we both looked immediately to the ground fighting off the tears. Now feeling motivated from the ceremony, we then proceeded down the hall to the RES. And I am pleased to inform you that, it was one of the most incredible experiences that I have ever had in business. I have been in business for over 25 years. The responses that I have received at this meeting were very positive. I have two RFQ’s already, have been asked to set up a booth at an aerospace company , and two companies have set Jorgensen up as a vendor, which as we all know, being set up as a vendor is one the most difficult things  to accomplish in business today.  
So if you are asking me if the RES meeting went well I have to say YES!

Kindest Regards,
Matthew J. Jorgensen, President of Jorgensen Steel Machining and Fabrication