New NCAIED PTAC Procurement Specialist makes Debut at RES D.C. 2014

Kristi Long is the NCAIED PTAC’s newest employee. She has over 16 years of government contracting experience, having worked as a contracting officer with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service. She holds the Warrant Level II Contracting Officer Certification and is a graduate of the University of Phoenix in Albuquerque, NM. Kristi has been with the PTAC since April 2014. During that short time, Kristi has already made a very positive impact on the program. Kristi’s intimate knowledge of the purchasing policies and methods used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service has been a great asset in assisting her clients. At the RES D.C. 2014 conference, Kristi was asked to participate in several breakout sessions, and was specifically requested by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to be a panelist in a session entitled “The Buy Indian Act: Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Indian Health Services (IHS)-Regulations and Enforcement.” Kristi was commended both by her fellow panelists and audience participants for her first-hand knowledge of the subject matter.

In addition to the valuable counseling she has been providing her clients, Kristi’s efforts have already resulted in client contract awards. Dee St. Cyr of Bear Woman Enterprises describes how Kristi provided assistance that ultimately led to a contract award for her company:

I started Bear Woman in 2011 and struggled to get even the smallest contracts. It wasn’t until I signed on with the PTAC that things started to turn around. Kristi Long made the difference. Within the first week I was able to land a contract with IHS and that was just the beginning. Kristi’s expertise coupled with her unfailing commitment to everything native, in particular, native owned businesses, has given Bear Woman the tools to compete, and more importantly, to win!

Don Kelin of Caddo Solutions, another client of Kristi’s, states:

“I wish there was a Kristi Long when I started my business 24 years ago. Kristi’s knowledge has enabled Caddo to understand the federal market its policies and requirements. Kristi’s expertise has provided the roadmap for Caddo’s success in garnering government contracts. It makes me proud to know that the NCAIED PTAC has professional natives helping native owned businesses.”

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“Outside of the Box” thinking by National Center PTAC Procurement Specialist produces contract for PTAC Client.

Lucky Ridge, Inc., a Navajo-owned business based in Farmington, NM, has been providing welding and mining services for the past 6 years to the entire four corners area, including: BHP Billiton of San Juan County, New Mexico at San Juan, Navajo, and Area 3 Mines. Recognized for their success with awards from the U.S. Small Business Administration and the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Lucky Ridge is a family owned and operated business that values and demands hard work, professionalism, and loyalty.

Lucky Ridge was seeking new business opportunities beyond its traditional customers in the oil, gas, and mining industries when owner Anthony Simpson contacted NCAIED’s Navajo Nation Procurement Specialist Cyndi Jarvison. Anthony was seeking opportunities with utility companies to capitalize on Lucky Ridge’s expertise in welding, iron work, and other construction related trades. Cyndi convinced Anthony to reach out beyond his company’s core competencies, and bid on some landscaping work as a means to gain work with Arizona Power Services (APS). Lucky Ridge was awarded the contract.

In an email thanking Cyndi for her efforts in helping to secure the contract, Anthony states:

“The contract was for landscaping, which is not our normal field of expertise but it is still work and our guys aren’t picky about what kind of work they have to do to put food on the table. This landscaping job has put us on the vendor list for APS which could lead to other contracts there. I would especially like to thank Cyndi Jarvison for her tireless efforts to help our business reach the next level. She’s truly a good person who wants to help businesses succeed. We look forward to working more with Cyndi in the very near future.”

For more information regarding the services of Lucky Ridge, Inc. (welding, iron work, construction, and even landscaping!) contact Anthony Simpson at (505) 258-4508 or visit their website at

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