Gary Davis, President and CEO of The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development, was featured in the March 2016 issue of the Tribal Business Journal magazine. The article, called “Up Close with Gary Davis”, can be read here.

Per Tribal Business Journal Facebook page:

The President of the National Center of American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED), Gary Davis, is a man on a mission to change the future of Indian Country via business ownership. For Indian Country, he has testified in congressional hearings on Capital Hill, negotiated business deals in corporate board rooms across America, and has visited dozens of reservations to lend his support to tribal enterprises. To many, it seems as though he has unlimited energy. However, those that know him understand that he is recharged by his belief in the creator and prayer. In his book, “The Medicine of Prayer” he states, “we are all servants to be called upon”. Well sir, Indian Country is glad that the creator called upon you for this arduous task. To learn more about this great leader for Indian Country, read HERE.