For the August newsletter we profiled Titan Facility Services, LLC, which provides facility support, including janitorial services and hospital housekeeping. Titan Facility Services also shares office space with the National Center in Mesa, Arizona and has also worked with the National Center to gain access to key federal programs. See below for a Q&A with CEO Dave Beaver.

Name of Business: Titan Facility Services, LLC

What kind of services do you provide?

We provide facility support services, which include janitorial services and hospital housekeeping.

How long you’ve been in business?

We have been in business for seven years.

Tell is about yourself?

San Carlos, AZ is my hometown, and I am a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Professionally, I have significant experience in health care management and services. I am the former tribal administrator for the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, as well as the former CEO of the Carl T. Curtis Health Care Facility for the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska. I have also served as Health Director of the San Carlos Apache Tribe and Executive Vice President of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development. I earned my MBA from Wayne State College.

How has the National Center helped your business get off the ground?

I spent five years and countless hours working to earn payments from the Department of Defense’s Indian Incentive Program. With the help of the National Center, Titan Facility Services is earning approximately $400,000 through the program this year. Without the help of the National Center’s PTAC and legal counsel it provided, we would have not been able to navigate through the myriad regulations and procedures needed to get the payment processed.

 This is no small matter. We currently have approximately 120 employees nationwide, working on military installations providing hospital housekeeping to active military personnel from San Diego to New Jersey. This number of employees will more than double with the recent award of the U.S. Air Force’s Hospital Aseptic Management Services (HAMS) contract, valued at approximately $64 million. The contract will commence in October 2018. Titan was one of four firms nationwide to receive a HAMS contract, and we are the only Native-owned firm in the country to win such an award through this solicitation.

 We are honored to provide the aseptic cleaning services to our nation’s military medical facilities and proud to represent Native Americans in the national economy.