Presented During RES California on Wednesday June 19th, 2013.

8:00am – 11:00am

“The Way” Leadership Advantage Seminar – Presented by Chukchansi, Inc.

The Way, Inc. is proud to present concepts from its Leadership Advantage Seminar (LAS) suite at RES California. The suite consist of three transformational leadership topics developed from books authored by our resident “Thought Leader” Dr. Robert Watts, “People Are Never The Problem”, “Swim SidewayZ”, and “L.A.D.S.”  In addition to these platforms, we will engage leaders in a spirited, informative, and participatory discussion of wellness as a lifestyle choice that will prolong their value to their tribes. The following are the objectives for this three-hour LAS seminar:

  1. To awaken leaders to the four most important truths about people and why they make it impossible for people to be problems;
  2. To teach leaders to use the phrase “People Are Never The Problem, People Have Problems” as a tool to successfully manage people problems;
  3. To empower leaders with knowledge and skills to perceive people separate from problems;
  4. To build social engagement through reciprocity and empowerment; and
  5. To educate and inspire leaders to choose wellness as a lifestyle for themselves and their people


Presenter: Robert Watts