The theme of National RES 2014 was, “Honoring Our Past…Defining Our Future”. It was woven into every aspect of our event. The mounds of Cahokia, which was the largest and most influential urban settlement in the Mississippian culture which developed advanced societies across much of what is now the Southeastern United States, were recreated and brought alive at National RES to remind attendees that, as Indigenous people, business is not new to Indian Country. Entrepreneurship is not new to Indian Country.

National RES Las Vegas 2014 was our most well attended National RES in recent years. The hallways were filled and bustling, the breakout sessions were consistently filled to capacity, our networking events were and our tradeshow was abuzz with constant conversation and networking! One particular aspect of National RES that I appreciated, and which dozens of attendees pointed out to me time and again, was how positive and energetic they felt the atmosphere was; and how good it felt to do business at National RES. Therefore, it is no surprise that the post event business success stories from attendees continue to come in! We are very pleased that many great business opportunities were created during the four days of our event! You can read a few of the letters we have received from attendees, in the PTAC section of this month’s newsletter. Would you like to share your companies RES success story? Well, we would love to hear it! So, send it to us today at and we will share it with the world!

National RES was a great success! However, we are always looking for the ways in which we can improve and we take your comments and suggestions very seriously. The comments we have received from our post event survey, will help us to continue to improve all aspects of National RES Las Vegas.  We look forward to presenting an even better National RES Las Vegas in 2015 for you.

We would like to say thank you to everyone that came from across North America to take part in our annual National RES gathering. We would like to especially thank all of our sponsors, whom ensured that National RES was such a success!