Here’s a quick and easy way to experience one of the best components of RES from the comfort of your home or work desk.

The National Center’s Native Edge, an unprecedented online business development, networking, employment and training ecosystem, is home to dozens of dynamic RES breakout sessions.

Basically, you can have the RES experience at your convenience.

“When we designed the Native Edge, we did it in a way so that you could have that RES experience 365 days a year, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world,” said Blake Trueblood, Director of Business Development.

Each session was recorded by our professional video team and each video offers the option to complete a short quiz . The Native Edge is already home to 182 videos and more videos are coming.

“The Native Edge is a great way to make sure that we capture all of that learning and make sure everyone in our organization is able to have that same experience,” Trueblood said.

The Native Edge is built to give Indian Country the “Edge” in all aspects of business. For access to the videos, users have to be Native Edge Premium member. Subscribe today and give your business the Edge!

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