When a new certification requirement threatened a contract award for a Native American-owned business, one of the National Center’s American Indian Procurement Technical Assistance Center (AIPTAC) specialists was there to help. Learn more about how specialist Dee St. Cyr assisted the Feather Group and a resolution to the certification requirement that will ultimately help many other businesses.

The Feather Group is a Native American full-service real estate consulting firm whose services include market studies, marketability studies, due diligence, eminent domain, and other specialized real estate services. Owner Paul Arnold has performed market rental and market value studies on reservation and right of way/eminent domain in Illinois, Missouri, and other states.

Earlier this year, the company was threatened with the loss of a U.S. Department of Agriculture contract for a small Native American business due to an expired registration in its System for Awards Management Registration (SAM). A new requirement for a notarized letter to be submitted with the SAM registration renewal created a backlog in the system, causing the Feather Group’s registration to expire prior to renewal and jeopardizing the award of its pending federal contracts. The National Center’s American Indian Procurement Technical Assistance Center (AIPTAC), through procurement specialist Dee St. Cyr, got involved and was able to work with the SAM Trouble Desk to expedite the Feather Group’s registration.

Thanks to Dee’s hard work, SAM has since resolved the issue by allowing businesses to renew their registrations first and send the required notarized letter in after renewal. This change will benefit both Feather Group and all companies in need of a notarized letter to renew their required registration. Information on this new process is available at the “Updated FAQs” at the SAM website at www.sam.gov.

“I want to thank the National Center’s AIPTAC and its staff for all of their help regarding my pending contract with the USDA,” said Arnold. “I am confident that had I not resolved the issue quickly, I would have lost the contract. I have a long-term strategy regarding pursuing business with the USDA and because of the National Center’s assistance, I was able to stay on track and not lose revenue, which would have had a significant negative impact on this strategy.”

For more information regarding the National Center American Indian PTAC and its services, please visit www.ptac.ncaied.org.  Please visit www.feathergrp.com for additional information.